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Here Are 3 Reasons To Consider Before You Throw Out Your Pasta Water

It’s easy to crack open a box of pasta and a jar of sauce for a quick any-night meal. For most of us, we think our noodle skills are pretty tight, but pasta aficionados have shared that there’s a secret to creating the perfect bite.

You know how to boil and salt the water. You know how to toss in your dry or fresh pasta pieces, which were either carefully selected for their shape or carefully selected for their price. So far, you’re winning. Cooking your pasta until its texture is al dente will help the sauce to stick to it.

Pasta is generally known as a simple dinner solution. But experts say we could be making it all wrong, and I’m not talking about just overcooking it, but draining the water down the kitchen sink and throwing away the “liquid gold”.

Can we use pasta water for something in the kitchen instead of throwing it out? It turns out that we can.


Use it as a seasoning for your pasta sauce

Yes, most definitely. This is one of our secrets when cooking a good pasta dish. The starchy flavour helps marry together the flavour of the sauce and the pasta. I would, however, not suggest doing so with cream-based dishes.

Use it as a base for soup

If you are making a vegan or vegetarian soup then, yes. Dissolve a stock cube the day before, or even longer. This will help enhance the flavour of your stock. I am a strong believer that for meat or fish-based soups, that stock made from that animal should be used. For example, beef for beef, chicken for chicken.

Use for making bread

Extra care has to be used for this one. Yes, there are some bread products such as pretzels that do benefit from the use of salty water. However, the starch levels in the water could make the bread more dense and hard. I would personally avoid it.


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