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32-year-old Muslim Woman Gets Married to 2 Men by ‘Mistake’; Has 7 Children for Both

Relationships are huge complexes, their stories however sometimes common, do not always end the same.

There is a current relationship drama playing out between lovers in Kano state where two men are supposedly married to the same woman.

BBC reports that the controversy started when Bello Ibrahim, aged 40, came back home after two years and found his “wife”, 32-year-old Hauwa Ali Mariri, lying next to another man.

The Sharia Court has been invited into the case to get to the root of the matter and punish whoever is guilty appropriately.

Hauwa said Bello who she had six children for divorced her before he travelled to the village where he has been recovering from sickness.

She said after the divorce, she felt freed and had to remarry to 35-year-old Bala Adulsalem who paid a sum of GHC 290 for their wedding.

This picture is only for an instructive purpose. Photos sources: Vanguard/BBC

This picture is only for an instructive purpose. Photos sources: Vanguard/BBC
Source: UGC

Bello, on the other hand, disagreed on the divorce, saying he never did anything of such and asked her to provide evidence that he did.

It should be noted that in northern Nigeria, divorce can be carried out either through the words of mouth or by a letter. The two-year marriage she had with the second husband has a child and she is presently pregnant with another one.

Hauwa has moved out of Bello’s house leaving her children behind and Bala, on the other hand, has been told to remain in Kano pending the conclusion of the case.

Gwani Murtala, a local commander of the Sharia police of Kumbotso, the place the matter happened, said that the case is a rare one and he does not know what the end would be.

In other news, Kiki Modi, the BBC investigative journalist who was behind the BBC ‘sex for grades’ documentary, has been awarded the inaugural People Journalism Prize for Africa 2019 (PJPA).

Photos of the award were shared together with the tag: Yes. We did it! See this thread for photos from the inaugural People Journalism Prize for Africa endowed by @Gatefieldco


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