34-Year-Old Italian Nurse, Daniela Trezzi Kills Herself Over Fear of Contracting Coronavirus

A 34-year-old Italy nurse, Daniela Trezzi has taken her own life after contracting the deadly coronavirus

It was gathered that she took her own life after fearing she had infected others.

Daniela Trezzi was working on the front line of the coronavirus crisis at the San Gerardo hospital in Lombardy, the worst-affected region of Italy.

The nurse had been suffering ‘heavy stress’ before she was quarantined after showing coronavirus symptoms.

After she tested positive for the disease, she reportedly took her life with her colleagues disclosing that she talked about her fears as she could have infected others with the disease.

The National Federation of Nurses of Italy confirmed her death with a statement expressing

“all the pain and concern of the nurses over the death of their young colleague who lost her life, and of all 450,000 Italian healthcare professionals who are fighting united around their families, friends, and colleagues”.

Her death comes just a week after another nurse in Venezia killed herself.

“It is an analogous event with the same motivation and although we wish it the opposite, this may not be the last case,”

the federation report said.


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