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4 Children, 3 Ex-husbands, She is Married Today to a Man from a Royal Family-Read the story of this Nigerian Mom, Dami

Dami Ewa Stratton, a Nigerian chose Facebook to share her beautiful love story with the world.

Dami, who has 4 children from 3 failed marriages, recently married Emmanuel Cole, a young Nigerian single from a royal family.

Relating her story, she said:

Many people said, “Ewa, you should have stayed with Christal … you should have endured and endured, it’s hard to find a husband …”

“Manage and endure what exactly ???? … “

– to get married to an unrepentant infidel, who was constantly sleeping with random prostitutes and even fell in love with one of them? 
– do you expect me to stay with a man who constantly exposes me to all kinds of STDs? 
– a man who defines woman as someone who takes sh * t and closes his mouth with money?

I know my worth … 
– I will not lower myself so low to fight for a man who has no respect for the marriage union. 
– I will not be dragged into a drama with a street girl compared to an adult man who made his choices.


I knew that my chances of remarrying were slim according to the statistics of the world … 
But I also knew that I was worth more than that …

I knew what I wanted and I was not afraid to try my luck with love.


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