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4 Things to Know About Senegalese Sibeth N’diaye, the New Spokeswoman of the Elysée

It is since Sunday the new spokesman of the French government. Sibeth N’diaye was until then a great unknown for many. Communication consultant, she was Emmanuel Macron’s press officer during the 2016 presidential election. Here are 6 things about the Senegalese of origin who became a star of the Elysee.

1- Senegalese origin

The new Secretary of State to the Prime Minister and spokesman of the French government, is of Senegalese origin. She was born on December 13, 1979 in Dakar, the Senegalese capital, and acquired French nationality by naturalization only in 2016. Her name means “who won many fights” in Diola

2- Virgie of the “Chef”

She was press secretary to Emmanuel Macron during the 2016 presidential election, and is known as a great professional who has great self-control. Eyes and ears of the current president, even after the election of the latter, Sibeth N’diaye is the only woman present in the closed circle of Macron.

3- A pioneer of En Marche

The young woman of 37 years is not a parachute in the political sphere in France. She is a pioneer of En Marche, the movement that brought Macron to the presidency of the republic. She participated in all the steps that led to the birth of this movement, from secret meetings to official ceremonies.

4) Socialist activist

Before joining En Marche, now The Republic In March, the new member of the government went through the UNEF, then the mutual student close to Dominique Strauss-Kahn. She joined the Socialist Party since 2002, the day after the defeat in the first round of Lionel Jospin, and became in 2009, the National Secretary in charge of early childhood. Her membership in the Macron team, Miss N’diaye explains it by its desire to “transcend existing partisan divisions”, “the attempt to try something else”, and by “the feeling that the existing devices were no longer thinking. on the world and its evolutions “…


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