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9-Year-Old Who Sews Custom-Made Barbie Gowns Has Caught Mattel’s Eyes

A nine-year-old Michigan girl is making her fashion design dreams come true.

See, Neveah Woods who went viral for crafting custom-made clothes for her Barbie dolls has caught the eye of Barbie’s creator, Mattel.

According to Fox 2 Detroit News, the Michigan native was recently sent a sweet note from the iconic doll company, along with some new Barbies.

“We heard you love designing clothes. Here are a couple new additions to add to your collection. Always remember you can be anything. XOXO The Barbie Social Team,” Neveah said, reading the note the Barbie team had sent her.

See, Neveah’s mother, Sha’kvia Woods, posted pics on social media of her daughter’s beautiful handmade gowns that were made out of everyday household stuff including ribbon, socks, and scissors. Shortly after, they quickly gained a lot of attention after getting over 9,000 shares.

“I just took pictures of them, so I was really amazed,” Woods told WDIV News. “I shared it to Facebook and then I got a lot of my friends say ‘make this public’ and when I made it public it just went viral.”

“I’m so excited, I’m so happy for her. Proud- just happy she can be an inspiration to many people young and old,” her mother said. “Just follow your dreams and do what you like to do.”

Neveah told WDIV that Mattel reaching out to her made her “feel special because I’m achieving my goal to be a fashion designer and that’s what I really want to do.”

Just amazing!

She recently took to her Youtube channel SaShaw Sew Amazing to thank everyone for their support.



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