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Akosua Asabea Obese: The Ghanaian Architect Building Her Dream Through Crocheting

While sketching and crocheting is not a common skill, Akosua Asabea Obese’s passion is enabling her to build her dream through the art.

The young Ghanaian creative makes some of the most stunning pieces with unmatched quality.

Akosua Asabea Obese had her secondary education at Wesley Girls Senior High School Cape Coast where she studied Visual Arts.

Prior to having her secondary education, she had an idea of what she wanted to become.

Asabea spent her early days with her grandparents and showed signs of a talented girl while growing up at her grannies.

She recounts her grandfathed realised her potential during the early stages as a toddler.

Asabea disclosed that her granddad often told her that she drew a lot.

”Most times, I drew the pattern of the houses we lived in where I grew up,” Akosua Asabea Obese told

Asabea perfected her crafts when she enrolled to study Technical Drawing in Junior High School. Her teacher by then let her know her potential.

She started nurturing herself in that direction, taking up Visual Arts as her line of study during her days at Wesley Girls High School.

Having heard on many occasions from her grandfather that she was destined to be an architect, the young Ghanaian realised her dream after being accepted as an architecture student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

”My grandfather told me I would be an architect. I realized he and my JHS teacher really had a point,” Asabea said.

Despite becoming an architect, Akosua Asabea Obese fell in love with something different after gaining her architecture degree.

She developed a stint for crocheting during her early days. With the focus of being an architect triumphing over everything else, Asabea didn’t realize that was also a passion.

The wait for national service placement turned an inspiration to channel more of her energy into crocheting.

When she started, she realised she could make money from the art and decided to take it serious.

In 2018, received an award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year at Miss Malaika.

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Asabea’s vision has moved on from being just a one-woman business. She wants to have the capacity to train more people and not just focus on the market in Ghana.

The end as an architect is not nigh for Akosua Asabea Obese. She still takes on part-time jobs in what she spent years studying at school.

Currently, she is focusing on building her dream through crocheting.

Marsai Martin’s film, Little, which is based on original ideas from the teen actress but inspired by the movie Big, helped her ink her name in the history books.


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