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Another School to be Named After Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama is the happiest woman alive today after a school adopted her name.

A California school, Wilson Elementary School has changed its name to Michelle Obama Elementary School.


The latest development came to be following a unanimous vote by West Contra Costa Unified School District Board.

The school board disclosed that the idea to have the name of the school changed was first proposed by the PTA which sent a letter with the proposal.

It is after that when several ad hoc meetings were held and received massive support from parents, community leaders and students.

“We wanted to choose someone on a global level. With a new school and new learning environment, we want our children to think beyond Richmond, to think beyond California, and remind them that they can make a difference locally and globally.” Wilson PTA President Maisha Cole revealed.

The school will be rebuilt to give it an aesthetic appeal to complement the new name.

It should be noted West Contra Costa elementary school is the second school in California to be named after the former First Lady.

The first one is Los Angeles Unified School District’s Michelle Obama Elementary.


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