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Aula Arthur Helps in Planning People’s Death For A Living

Aula is a Death Doula somebody who helps a person who is a dying plan for their death and supports their family through death.

She talks to people about their death and their options of being buried.

“I love life and that’s why I’m drawn to working in death. From working in death, I’ve learned that life is so precious, and even the pain is as pleasant as the joy, ” she said, talking about her love for her job.

Aula tells Refinery29 that the biggest misconception about her job is that it is sad and heavy.

Aula’s job goes beyond helping a person who is dying to plan their death and burial, she helps them to go through their life, look back on the past and count their blessings of being alive at the moment, while giving support to them at any point they need it.

She also helps those who are scared of dying to confront their fears by seeing what the discomfort is so that they can talk and process it.

“I’m not comfortable with other human sufferings if there’s something I can do about it. We suffer alone a lot and I don’t think that we have to suffer alone,” Aula tells a client who wanted to know why she went in the direction of what she’s doing.

Aula wants people to know that death is as human as being born and giving birth.

“We’re born, we die. Let’s do both in ways that honour us, and honour mankind, and honour each other.”

When Aula’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma and was terminal, she was with his family for two months, providing support and his medication and that experience gave her an insight into how we can do better with people that are dying.

To her, death can bring joy rather than the usual sadness associated with it.

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