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“Be Your own Handsome” – Nigeria’s Banke Ajayi Encourages Men to Spend a Little More Time in Taking Care of Themselves

Banke Ajayi the founder of Ahjayee a skin and hair care product for men, She studied Electrical/Electronic Engineering as her first degree. She later did an MSc in Financial Engineering and most recently an MBA focusing on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Her career started in Technology then she moved into Investment banking where she currently works as a Risk Consultant.

According to her the tagline is “Be your own handsome” encourages men to spend a little more time in taking care of themselves.

Banke explains about how she developed her brand and dived into entrepreneurship.

Her journey in skin and hair care started over a decade ago when I couldn’t really find hair products in the market which worked for my hair but I wasn’t sure how to fix this problem.

She studied sciences and engineering which I think helped in understanding the “chemistry” part of this journey. As we used these products, we found our hair become healthier, creams worked better and best of all, we knew exactly what we using.

The range includes Face & Body, Beard & Shaving, and Hair products. All their ingredients are carefully thought out and add a function to the overall product, cutting out anything unnecessary. Our products are all natural and free from any nasties.

Picking a favorite would be very difficult as each one was inspired by different instances or needs so all have a special place in my heart.

The products are made in the UK and can be delivered worldwide. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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