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Bernardine Evaristo Celebrates Black Female Writers In Bristol Libraries

A Booker Prize winner who has chosen her top 20 black British female writers is involved in a project that will see works by them available in libraries.

Bernardine Evaristo released the list of writers to mark International Women’s Day and books by the authors will be available in Bristol libraries.

Words Of Colour organised the scheme in a bid to inspire more BAME women to take up writing as a profession.

The books will be displayed in Bristol Central Library until 31 March.

‘Thriving creative community’

Joy Francis, from Bristol-based Words of Colour, said the group wanted the literary industry to “move beyond a London-centric focus” and hoped the celebration of BAME female writers in the city would encourage more people to consider writing.

She said: “The idea that people of colour don’t buy books or read and the fact that black writers are less likely to be agented or commissioned by publishers is not good enough.

“Bristol has a rich legacy and a thriving creative and artistic community and we want to encourage that.

“Bristol residents and young people will have access to the books for free, which is fantastic.”

Miss Evaristo, who was the first black author to win the Booker Prize when she shared it with Margaret Attwood in 2019, said she also wanted to engage with the city’s readers through the project.

“Bristol has an important history of race relations so it’s always an interesting city for me to be in,” she said.


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