Black Couple Celebrates 15th Wedding Anniversary With Their 11 Children

An African-American family has gone viral after sharing their photos on Instagram in celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary with their 11 children.

The husband, identified only as Kaymo, posted several beautiful oceanfront photos on his Instagram account @TheAmazinKaymo with a bio that reads, “Husband to a Queen that Gave Me 11 Kids.”

The couple were not only celebrating their anniversary, but they were renewing their vows. A caption for the photos posted reads: “15 year anniversary! 2005 We got married at the courthouse, no wedding, no rings… 15 years and 11 kids later, our kids make us so glad to share this moment with them.”

He married his wife, Sim Moore, in 2005. He said that their children are aged 2 to 17, with the eldest one born in 2002.

In the photos, it can be seen that the couple has been blessed with four handsome boys and seven beautiful girls.


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