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British Model and Actress, Naomi Campbell Makes Amazing Revelations About Her Way of Life

Model, singer, producer and British actress, Naomi Elaine Campbell will soon be 50 years old. As she continues her career, the 49-year-old star confided in an English television channel. Invited for a program, during the exchanges, Naomi confided on her news and confided on her lifestyle.

Regarding his career, everything is fine for our model. Showbizness Woman has been a charity since 2005, which raises funds for humanitarian and environmental causes.

On his daily routine and his refined silhouette, the artist has made astonishing confidences “I’m used to fasting. It can be more than a day. I eat when I feel like it. I do not get tired. If I want to spend a day without eating, I do it, I drink only water or juice. It depends on how I feel. When it’s hot sometimes I do not eat, I just want to drink juice, it’s too hot. But it’s never planned. It can be a day or two a week, “she explained.


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