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Cardi B Teams Up With Reebok For Zig The Runway Doorbell Cam Fun

Cardi B’s Reebok partnership is still going strong and they’ve launched an interesting concept just in time for the brand’s newest shoe, which drops tomorrow. It’s the Reebok Zig Kinetica, a sleek shoe that’s inspired by space exploration. According to Reebok, the cushioning propels you forward with springy responsiveness. Think of it like you’re bouncing across the moon. It’s said to be a comfortable stylish shoe that comes in multiple colorways such as black and orange, grey, blue and orange, red, black and orange, and grey and black.

Zig the Runway is about being unexpected and unapologetic about your style. I always do me and keep people guessing.” said Cardi B via press release. “Reebok Zig Kinetica isn’t like any other shoe that’s come before it and this fashion show is like nothing that has come before it. We’re breaking the mold and blazing our own trail – that’s what Reebok is about.”

The Grammy Award-winning rapper participated in an unexpected runway show in an unexpected way. Imagine you’re just chilling, living your life, and then you see a runway show on your doorbell cam?

Having a doorbell cam fashion show is dynamic and out of the box, just like the Zig Kinetica. Reebok is the first fashion brand to tap into this unique video platform, and more doorbell cam runway shows are expected over the coming days from renowned creatives, musicians and athletes.


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