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Check Out What Diddy’s Former Executive Assistant, Karleen Roy Taught Us About Finding Balance

From ideating to executing bespoke events to offering concierge services, Karleen Roy has earned her mark as a Luxury experience curator. As the founder of The Vanity Group, a boutique luxury lifestyle management company specializing in event production, luxury concierge services and talent relations, she has worked with top celebrities in the American entertainment industry including Kanye West, Cardi B, Migos, Kobe Bryant, Rick Ross and more.

In this interview with Xonecole on finding balance, she gave out some tips we found insightful. See below.

  • Success is achieving the goals you set to achieve in all areas of your life. Not someone else’s life or goals, but what you designed for your own life.
  • There is no formula for finding ‘balance’ Balance is relative. Find what counts as balance for you and live it.
  • Having routines can help boost your productivity significantly especially if you are a creative.

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