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Everything We Have Heard So Far About About Pastor Yemisi Iginla’s Response To Her Husband’s Allegations

Barely any days back, the organizer of Champions Royal Assembly, Pastor Joshua Iginla, declared the finish of his marriage to his better half, Yemisi, over disloyalty on the two sides.

The minister stunned his assemblage everywhere throughout the world when he admitted that he submitted infidelity. As indicated by him, he and his better half are liable of unfaithfulness in the marriage, which was begun by his significant other, before he chose to pay her back.

Noting the end of his marriage to his wife, Yemisi, Pator Joshua said that she had been blackmailing him since he another child outside their.

Yemisi Iginla has now responded to her husband’s confession, refuting the claims that she cheated on him. In fact, she challenged him to a test for their three children.

In the video released by Yemisi, she explained that her husband was involved with a South African rich prophetess, Stella Zimasa Ndamase Iginla, whom he got married to in October 2014. According to her, she is carrying her husband’s second child.

Noting Stella had been tormenting and asking her to leave her husband so that she could be with him, Yemisi said that her husband did not also inform her that he loves and wants to be with Stella.

According to Yemisi, if her husband wants to end their marriage, she’s fine with it, knowing that God will take care of them. Yemisi noted that she spoke out for the sake of the future and her children.

Watch him speak below;


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