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Exciting Video of Handsome Male Dancer Seriously Twerking on Former First Lady Michelle Obama Goes Viral

A video of Michelle Obama receiving a steamy dance from a male dancer has gone viral on social media.

According to TMZ, the former first lady was in Las Vegas, US, attending a Christina Aguilera show dubbed The Experience.

She was singled out by one of Aguilera’s male dancers who decided to give the award-winning author a once in a lifetime male twerk experience.

Michelle did seem to enjoy the dance as she mimicked slapping the dancer’s bottom while seated at the front section at the show.

The male dancer moved on and Michelle and her group of pals next to her continued to cheer and enjoy the night.

The event was held on Wednesday, March 4, at Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood and the ladies used it as some ‘fun after business’ bash.

Watch the video below:


It is reported that Michelle and her female friends were attending a conference dubbed Ultimate Software Connections earlier in the day.

They then decided to blow off some steam at the concert and by the look of it, Michelle and her friends really did enjoy the show.

This just goes to show that no matter the status, one is always allowed to have some fun.


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