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“Failures And Success Are Like 5 And 6; You Cannot Have One Without The Other. They Are A Mix!,” Founder Of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor

Genevieve Magazine clocked 16 years on the thirteenth of February and the distributer, Betty Irabor shares a few exercises you may valuable for your business.

Read her note below;

There is no one way to run a successful business, it takes a blend of often costly mistakes, self doubts, failures, fear, steadfastness, tenacity, consistency and crazy focus. Failures and success are like 5&6; you cannot have one without the other. You do not have the luxury or privilege of choosing one over the other. They are a mix!

16 years ago, after second guessing myself I plunged into the stormy waters of publishing. Nothing prepared me for what lay ahead; I made my mistakes and turned them into life lessons. I laughed, I teared up, I bent over from the rigours but I did not break though I found myself on the edge many times.

Today, I celebrate the GTEAM past and present and our readers, business partners. I congratulate and salute Sonia Irabor’s editorship.

Our fears are like our shadows, they follow us where we go. I urge you to never succumb to them rather, use them as fuel to power up your passion. I have a few new projects on hand and I am very excited about my new beginnings and next steps. I am always excited and grateful for every new day. I love who I have become and becoming..I love you all for being my biggest cheer leaders.
Thank you Genevieve mag for being my biggest coach. #Genevieve16#sweet16


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