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Fisayo Longe Shares Her View On What Women Can Achieve If They Are Not Limited By Age-Related Pressure From The Society

A Nigerian, UK-based fashion blogger, Fisayo Longe, talks about how the society puts intense pressure on women to acheive certain things at certain ages.

“I wonder if all the people who will ask me at my cousin’s wedding on Sunday when my time will come and remind me that the clock is ticking, ever think of asking me whether I’ve found myself. Whether I know who I am and the woman I want to be. Whether I’m on track to fulfilling my purpose”

“It is also bizarre that we have been made to believe that these ‘achievements’ must be realized by a certain age, all of us before the age of 30.”

Just imagine the things that women would achieve if we dared to live with the freedom that men do? If we were not waiting to be saved by a certain age and just went out to build the lives that we want.

The world would be set on fire, in the best way possible. Imagine if women were not constantly worried about aging and no longer being desirable? Just imagine if we were brave enough to embrace every single moment and live it to the fullest?



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