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Five Tips For Bonding With Your Unborn Baby

The great mother of three, Beyonce Knowles once said, “It’s the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.” And for many expectant mothers, experiencing this feeling for the first time, it can be both mystifying and overwhelming.

Many parents think that they have to wait to bond with their baby once they have been delivered but there is plenty of shreds of evidence that suggest that parents can make strides with bonding with their little one even before they’re born.

Here are some tips to make your connection extra strong:

1. Talk and sing to the baby

You might feel like you look silly but as your baby’s hearing develops, so can your connection with them. At about 23 weeks, your baby can hear your heartbeat as well as sounds from the outside world. If your baby regularly hears your voice it will help them to attach to you quicker, and they will be tuned in to your voice.

2. Respond to their kicks

From about 18 to 20 weeks you will start feeling your baby’s movements. Rubbing the bump where the baby moves is the closest you will get to two-way communication until they’re born. It’s such a special feeling to experience your baby responding to your touch, and it helps you to feel connected to them even when they are still in utero.

3. Keep a pregnancy journal

This doesn’t mean you should be recording every ache and pain during the nine months of pregnancy, but rather what you are feeling in moments when you feel like you need to offload. This can help if you are experiencing anxiety and may help to pinpoint why you are feeling that way.

4. Keep active during pregnancy

While strenuous exercise is not usually advised, you can keep active during the nine months by taking a gentle walk where you can talk to your baby. If you don’t exercise often, start with a short walk and gradually increase the time and pace while still making sure that you are comfortable. If you are not a fan of walking, then swimming is also a great way to exercise and bond with your baby. Even if you don’t want to swim alone, many places offer aqua-natal classes which might give you a chance to bond with other moms-to-be.

5. Get their nursery/baby room ready

Creating the atmosphere around where your baby will be living is a pinnacle point in bonding with them and preparing yourself for their arrival. Make sure to get the essentials such as their crib and changing table but also make sure to stock up on their educational and baby toys which you can find.

Build that love connection between you and your adorable bundle of joy before they even enter the world with these tips.


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