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From Living As A Refugee To Modelling, Hamdia Shares Her Story As She Graduates From US University

A young lady who lived as a refugee has shared her emotional story after she graduated from the university. Hamdia Ahmed, graduated from the University of Southern Maine. Ahmed has become a model and an advocate for children.

Hamdia Ahmed said her parents fled to the United States due to civil war. The lady decided to share her story after she successfully graduated from the University of Southern Maine. Ahmed revealed that she is the first person to graduate from college in her family.

According to her, she had spent seven years of her life in a refugee camp. She explained that her family sacrificed so much for her and her siblings.

Ahmed revealed that she had stayed up late at night while she was growing up in the refugee camp because she had to translate for her parents. She said she spent most of her time in the hospital because of her sibling who was sick.

She said: “My family went through so much even when we moved to the US. I use to stay up most nights translating for my parents at the hospital because one of my sibling was sick. I would sleep in hospital waiting room and go to school the next day with a few hours of sleep.”



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