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German Chancellor Angela Merkle Defends Democrats Congresswomen Against Trump’s Racist Remarks

While taking part in her annual press conference, Angela Merkle first reassured her state of health before taking up the defense of the elected Democrats victims of the racist tweets of President Donald Trump. Angela Merkel expressed her support for the women targeted by this message.

The German Chancellor took this opportunity to remind Trump that the strength of the United States came from this melting pot of nationalities that constitutes the American people. Therefore, these attacks of the American president are completely against the greatness of this country.

“I strongly want to distance myself [from these attacks] and I stand in solidarity with the women attacked,” insisted during her traditional summer press conference Angela Merkel, who already has difficult relations with the US president.

It must be said that this is a surprise and unusual exit Angela Merkle known for his restraint on the policy in other countries than his own.  However, the topic of racism is a relatively sensitive subject in Germany, which wishes to present itself as a real land of tolerance and acceptance. The opportunity for the Chancellor once again stand against the American president who did not hesitate to attack him even though he was still a candidate.

Several other issues were discussed at this conference including migration policy, trade surplus, military spending etc. It must be said that President Trump often goes through German politics. It will be remembered that just after his election, Donald Trump had been warned by the German Chancellor that it was his duty to defend ” Western democratic values  “.  A position taken by  Merkel , the nickname of “the leader of the free world  “.


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