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Ghana Armed Forces Promotes 2nd Female Brigadier General

The Ghana Armed Forces has promoted Felicia Twum-Barima to the Brigadier General of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Brigadier General Felicia Twum-Barima
Brigadier General Felicia Twum-Barima

Felicia Twum-Barima is the second female Brigadier General of the Ghana Armed Forces.

She has served in the army for 29 years. During her service, Brigadier General Felicia Twum-Barima has occupied 22 positions both in Ghana and abroad. She has also occupied six positions in UN Peacekeeping Missions.

As the former Director of Education at General Headquarters, she will assume her new office of Defense Attaché at the Ghana Embassy in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire.

She said that she is ready to work in her new office with determination and optimism.

She is among the first females to be deployed as a Military Observer (MILOB) in a UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She served as a Staff Officer in the UN mission in Liberia (2010-2011) and Ethiopia and Eritrea (2006-2007).


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