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Gumede Thathakahle: Video of 57-year-old Nurse Who Dances to Help Patients Recover Faster Pops Up

A nurse in South Africa, 57-year-old Gumede Thathakahle, has taken caregiving to another level as she entertains her patients with dance.

In a shared video on Facebook, she was seen dancing as she talked with the patients at the Philani Clinic in Scottburgh.

In an interview with the People’s Paper, she said that she holds the belief that nurses should always give hope to their patients, something more effective than pills.

Gumede said that whenever she is setting out in the morning, she always plans to create an environment where everyone is lively.

Her colleague, Zama Mazeka, attested to the fact that she always makes everyone happy whenever she is present in the hospital.

“This is my mother. Every day is bright with her around. I consider myself blessed and lucky to spend 40 hours every week with her. It’s always nice being at Philani Clinic I’m telling you,” she said.

The teen prodigy has always loved going to school from an early age and now all her hard work is paying off. Reflecting on her achievements, Flowers says she wishes her grandfather were alive to witness her accomplishments and see her graduate.


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