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Health Equity Cypher Discusses COVID-19, Black Communities

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues circulating across the country, the myths surrounding it are beginning to shed.

No longer is it known as an illness for just elderly, immunocompromised people. More and more young, relatively healthy people are being diagnosed positive with no “flattening of the curve” in sight. The virus is moving through vulnerable Black communities and among incarcerated people from Rikers Island to Sing Sing, with no rational leadership from the Trump Administration.

As data begins to accumulate, forming a clearer picture of COVID-19’s impact, reports show that health professionals are concerned that Black communities may not have equitable access to tests and treatment, primarily because Black communities in the United States are more vulnerable due to racial, wealth, and healthcare discrimination.

“While we are physically distancing and staying socially connected, this Cypher conversation is critical and will continue to bring information Black folks need during this crisis,” Joia Crear Perry, MD, FACOG, principal of Health Equity Cypher, and founder and president of National Birth Equity, tells ESSENCE.


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