Here’s How To Know If Your Hair Needs Protein Or Moisture as a Woman

Balancing protein and moisture is somewhat like juggling. You drop one ball and everything falls apart. Protein and moisture are complementary. Healthy hair comes from a balance of the two elements. So why is protein and moisture important for the hair? Because breakage. Let me explain.

Our hair is composed of a protein called Keratin. When chemicals are applied to it, the protein is eroded and the hair strand weakened. Which leads to breakage. For instance colouring hair can take a toll on the hair, which then starts to break. The remedy is usually to do a protein treatment to stop hair breakage. Some treatments are professional grade but some are readily available in supermarkets and beauty supply shops. It’s a protein treatment if the labels have words like ‘’strengthening’’’’rebuilding’’ ‘’for damaged hair’’ etc. Also, the ingredient list usually has ‘’hydrolyzed collagen’’ or ‘’egg protein’’ among others.

Too Much Protein
Just a word of caution. Protein treatments should be minimized to about once a month, because too much protein makes the hair stiff and less elastic. This leads to breakage.

So what do you do when you’ve been using a protein treatment too frequently? You use a moisturizing treatment/conditioner. This is the normal conditioner that you usually use to deep conditioning whenever you wash your hair. It brings life and elasticity back to your hair strands while deeply moisturizing and softening.

Too Much Moisture
Too much moisturizing conditioner makes the hair too elastic,which in turn enables it to stretch but then snap because it is weak and limp. At this point, a protein treatment is needed.

The takeaway from all this is that whenever you feel like your hair is breaking easily,even when combing, use a protein treatment for reinforcement. Especially after chemical processes like dyeing and relaxing. However, if your hair feels stiff, dry and rough, use a moisturizing conditioner to restore moisture. Your hair will tell you everything you need to know!


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