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How Olakemi Ojo Is Stopping The Culture Of Shame That Comes From Only Seeing One Acceptable Body Type

While the beauty industry is becoming more open to representing women of all sizes, shapes and colours, Olakemi ojo doesn’t think that plus-size women are still well represented in their diversity.

So, she founded and starred in the Plus Is Diverse campaign in January 2017. #PlusisDiverse celebrates different racial/ethnic plus size women from different backgrounds with different stories who all still relate.

“ I think that the misconception is that body positivity is just for bigger girls but at any size woman can have issues with their body and their body confidence and how they feel,” Olakemi tells Brut.

Growing up, Olakemi was inspired to become a plus-size model when she saw Toccara Jones, America’s Next Top Model, as she felt she could relate to her.

Born in London, 27-years old Olakemi started her modelling career four years ago when she was scouted by a popular curve modelling competition, making it to the final five.

Olakemi’s campaign stands for racial representation amongst plus sized women. It is just to show that plus size women come in all racial and ethnic groups. Her aim is to stop the culture of self-shaming that comes from seeing one body type as acceptable.

“The reason behind that was just to show that all women out there need a role model, somebody that they can somewhat relate to,” she said.

An advocate for diversity amongst the plus size industry, Olakemi wants to inspire everyone to know that they should feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace who they are, from the inside out.

Olakemi was in the first ever Plus Size Fashion Week Africa in Africa and has also walked the runway for UK Plus Size Fashion Week. She was Spotlight Model of the year for Plus Model Magazine USA and was also nominated for Best Plus Size Model for British Plus Size Awards in 2016.


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