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How Well Do You Know This 13-Year-old Kenyan Musician, Amani G?

Amani G is the thirteen-year-old girl with the most awesome ‘how did you get into the entertainment industry?. It’s hard to conceive of how much can happen in less than two months. On some random day in July, as normal as any other day before it, Amani’s out playing with her friends when they see children being given sweets by some Wazungus in a car.

Amani and her friends run over there and they are given sweets.

Amani, ever polite, offers to convey her gratitude through the song because “I had nothing else to give them”.

She starts belting out Alicia Key’s Girl on Fire one of her teachers had picked for her to sing at an extra-curricular talent based program. The occupants of the car are amazed so much so that they ask her to stop, take out their cellphones, ask her to start again and they start recording. Amani goes back to her usual life. One of the ladies in the car uploads the video to YouTube, it goes viral and a few days later someone lets Amani know that she’s trending online.

Alicia Keys shares it on her Instagram with the caption ‘Look at this beautiful soul! SHINE!’. Peter Nduati from Pine Creek comes across the clip and is sufficiently interested, speaks to his friend Rimbui and before long they decide they have to do something to help Amani along. They approach her mom and sign a 2.5 million KSHS recording deal. A week after she’s signed on, she has her first song and music video out. About three weeks after that she has her first collabo out and the music video to boot. Phew! What did you do between July and August?

I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with her, her mom Christine Ambuso, her manager Damima Duffield and her project director Lenny Ngugi both from Pine Creek. I could just tell she is in amazing hands with people who care about Amani the person, not just the artist and/or brand.

She’s an absolute delight. Get to know Amani G from our interview below and plan to attend her debut concert in November at Alliance Française.

Watch her video below;


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