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How Well Do You Know Vivica Anjanetta Fox; American Actress, Producer and TV Host

Did you Know that?

Vivica Anjanetta Fox, American actress, producer and television host is as amazing as they come. She is a dynamo who has created a lasting career on her own, through sheer, roll-up-your-sleeves DIY hustle.

Her book Vivica’s Every Day I’m Hustling (St. Martin’s Press, 2018) is a “part memoir, part inspirational” book that focuses on her career and relationships with the aim to empower.

She is very big on philanthropy as she supports charities like Gibson Girl FoundationJackson memorial foundationthe Heart Truth among others.She is also an active entrepreneur, businesswoman and feminist involved in events that inspire and uplift women and those in the African American community.

Vivicia has over the years positioned herself as an international brand that champions the cause of female strength and the belief that women can do anything. Ass well as holding several membership of prestigious sororities and social enterprises, she is also a member of Moffitts George Edgecomb Society, an initiative that raises funds to address cancer health disparities. She also owns her wig and extension line, the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection and donates many of her collection’s wigs to cancer patients.

Bet you didn’t know the half of this? No you know


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