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‘I Married The Wrong Man At The Right Time –Actress, Monalisa Chinda

Actress, Monalisa Chinda has revealed that she married the wrong person at the right time.

In an exclusive interview, she said she doesn’t regret her past marriage as she was still young and naive.

She also said she desires to have more children.

I don’t see my past marriage as a mistake or regret ever, no, I don’t see it as a mistake. I was just young and naive. I met the wrong person at the right time. The person was wrong for me, so what I did was to dust the dirt off my body and move on.”

My daughter does ask for another baby, a sibling.” She continued. “She’s alone and so sometimes she would ask, ‘is there any chance that I can get a younger brother or sister?’ and I would say ‘it’s coming’. The Lord is the author and finisher of my faith. He knows my heart desires; he knows I want more children. It’s up to him to give me. It is not a burden for my husband and I. We look beyond all of that; children are not in the hands of man but God to give. I am happy I have such an understanding partner. He knows that none of us is barren. With time, by the grace of God, we shall have more kids.



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