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Inspiring: Meet 18-Year-Old Nasra Haji, the First Female Mechanic in Somalia (Video)

Who would have thought that a young girl could become a mechanic in a country where such jobs are only for men? But Nasra Haji, an ambitious 18-year-old girl from the Hiran region, broke that stereotype by becoming the first female mechanic in Somalia.

In an interview, she said, “I am specialized in repairing different types of cars: luxury cars, armored cars and vans.”

Inspiration: âgée de 18 ans, elle devient la première femme mécanicienne de la Somalie (vidéo)

Interestingly, becoming a mechanic has never been her dream. She says that during her childhood, she did not dream of doing this kind of work because she knew it was a job for men in her country. She started mechanics when she started looking for work in the country’s capital, Mogadishu.

“I spent months looking for a job, but I could not find it. I started mechanics when I found work in a garage. They were hesitant but ended up giving me the job.

With a start as an apprentice, she was able to acquire many skills that helped her become a professional in the trade. Today, Nasra has become famous with many customers who seek his services.

Her career path was not easy, as she had to face several criticisms from people who thought she was in the wrong place.



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