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‘I’ve Always Been Passionate About What I Wanted To Do,’ Yasmine El Baggari

Over the African mainland, we praise ladies who reliably do right by us and Yasmine El Baggari from Morocco is no exemption. The Founder Of Voyaj; an online stage that interfaces individuals around the world for one-on-one significant trades to cultivate worldwide comprehension.

Like Airbnb, with Vojaj, you can go as a visitor and welcome others as a host. She got the Royal Air Maroc Award from the African Studies Association, Hampshire College’s $60,000 Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and two Ingenuity Awards.

‘My story is of a young lady who needed to make a trip to and consider in the U.S., who was enlivened by many warm and inviting U.S. has, and whose fantasy developed into to a devotion to join individuals from around the globe. From the day I touched base on the grounds of Hampshire College, I’ve been energetic about what I needed to do. Hampshire College let me structure my very own major, and bolstered me to take a break to begin Voyaj. Presently I am back at school to build up the majority of my interests further’, Yasmine El Baggari shares with Huffington post.


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