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Jana Duggar’s Latest Instagram Post Has Fans Wondering When She’ll Get Married

It sure seems like Jana Duggar is living her best life these days, but that sure isn’t going to stop people from wondering when she’ll get married. The Counting On star is only 30 years old, but since that’s “old maid” status in her Christian Fundamentalist lifestyle, fans can’t help but comment that they hope she finds someone soon. Even on her Instagram posts that have nothing to do with relationships, marriage, or men!

    • Jana shared a video of her trying out a player piano on Instagram this week.

      She added the caption, “I loved trying out this old player piano! For being a ‘self-playing’ piano, it was definitely more challenging than I thought!”

      It’s worth mentioning at this point that Jana is quite the accomplished pianist herself, so it’s fun to watch her try to work a piano that’s supposed to do all the work for you.

  • Of course, it wasn’t long before someone commented about her marital status — or lack thereof.

    Jana Duggar Instagram

    It is unusual that Jana hasn’t said yes to a potential husband yet (although apparently she’s been approached by quite a few), but we kind of love that she’s doing her own thing. What can we say? We love a rebel.

    A few people pushed back on the commenter, and she clarified her thoughts by adding, “I never ever meant my comment to be negative. She is the most beautiful person inside and out and deserves all the happiness whatever it may be. Everyone needs to stop assuming the worst in someone’s comment and everyone is entitled to their comment. Everyone is always so on edge.”

  • Jana has more than enough to fill her life without worrying about finding a husband.

    She’s constantly doing something or going somewhere — even to unexpected places such as Las Vegas. Nope, she wasn’t there for the casinos; she went for a home show with some of her friends, and her dad, Jim Bob Duggar.

    She’s also gone on trips to the East Coast, and Austin, Texas, in recent months. She clearly enjoys traveling where and when she wants!

  • Plus, she is the sweetest aunt to her multitude of nieces and nephews.

    Having a baby yourself is obviously its own incredible journey, but if Jana ever feels the need to hold a baby in her arms (it happens to a lot of 30-year-old women … just keeping it real), she has quite a few to choose from!

    And let’s not downplay how amazing it is to hold a sweet little baby and then pass him or her back to the parents when it’s no longer a pleasant experience.

  • We think Jana is doing just fine being her amazing, single self.

    Although we do have to admit we’d be thrilled for her too if she announced that she was courting. Bottom line — we just want Jana to be happy, whatever that looks like.

    But for now, we’re still going to laugh when we see marriage comments on her Instagram posts. We hope she’s laughing and shrugging them off too.


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