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Jennifer Hosten Is The First Black Woman To Be Crowned Miss World

Hosten, a 22-year-old delegate for Grenada at the 1970 Miss World exhibition left a mark on the world when she won the pined for crown. She turned into the principal dark lady to be named Miss World conquering difficulties the show had encountered at that point.

The 1970 Miss World function is set apart as a standout amongst the most questionable in the historical backdrop of the expo since it started in July 1951. Before the occasion, there had been a ton of discussions about the quantity of Black ladies in the event and in addition the way that South Africa had sent two agents for the expo: a white miss South Africa and a Black Miss South Africa.

The occasion was held in London and following 18 fruitful long stretches of running and turning into the universes most desired magnificence title, a dark miss world was delegated.

After Hosten was delegated and dark Miss South Africa coming in at second place, with Miss Isreal third, a few people accumulated at the Royal Albert Hall, challenging for Miss Sweden, who they accepted ought to have won. A few petitions were sent to the BBC to challenge the giving over of the crown to a dark lady and numerous others were disappointed for they trusted the opposition was fixed for a dark lady: the nearness of Grenada’s Prime Minister as a judge did nothing to improve the situation.

This was only one of the dissents. Two separate dissents had been held: one by a gathering of women’s activists who griped that the pomp was similar to the dairy cattle advertise. The second challenge was increasingly political and risky as it included blasts set off by a gathering of rebels.

Conceived in St. George’s on the little island of Grenada, Hosten was the most youthful of five offspring of Lyle and Phyllis Hosten. Preceding winning the Miss World, she worked quickly with the BBC’s Caribbean administration and afterward as a flight chaperon before participate in the challenge for the Miss Grenada, which gave her the ticket to Miss Wolrd 1970.

Amid her rule as miss world, Jennifer experienced extraordinary separation and prejudice however that did not dissuade her from playing out her obligations. She joined comic Bob Hope, on his yearly visit to U.S powers abroad. She additionally made a few formal visits to numerous provinces and in her respect, Grenada issued stamps in memory of her success and a tune was composed. She additionally highlighted on a few magazines covers everywhere throughout the world.

After her rule was finished, she wedded David Craig and later moved to Ontario Canada to proceed with her instruction while working with Air Canada. From 1978 to 1981 Jennifer was selected as the High Commissioner to Canada from Grenada. She likewise filled in as Diplomat for the Aid Division at the Canadian High Commision in Dhaka and as the Technical Advisor on Trade to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States in St. Lucia in 1988.

Jennifer Hosten holds a B.A. (Soc. Sc.) from The University of Ottawa, a B.A. Hons and a Master of Arts in Political Science and International Relations Carleton University, Ottawa. She additionally has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Yorkville Univ., New Brunswick, Canada. In 2008, her collection of memoirs Beyond Miss World was discharged.

Jennifer presently lives in Canada with her significant other and is the proprietor of Jenny’s Place, a square of studio condos on Grand Anse Beach in Grenada.


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