Jennifer Shigoli, Founder of Malkia Investments Company Produces Best Hygiene And Sanitation Product In Tanzania

Jennifer Shigoli is an award-winning entrepreneur and the C.E.O & Founder of Malkia Investments Company Limited which is licensed to produce and distribute consumer goods. The company currently manufactures detergent (Bubbly) and reusable sanitary pads (ELEA).

The goal of the company is to grow the brand into one of the most recognized and respected brands in the country.

Through the provision of quality and effective products, a great marketing strategy, superior personal customer attention and reasonable prices, MIL is well positioned to capitalize on this incredible opportunity.

When asking why she started the business, she said “I am apt in business and entrepreneurship, for starters. Second I wanted to have the best cleaning solutions of high quality and is affordable to every household. That aside, it pleases me to be part of the solution to youth empowerment and fight against unemployment in Tanzania. That made me look deep in the situation and I chose the manufacturing industry. I was drawn to this sector because it has many employment opportunities from production, administration and distribution. When the company started we were only two and now we are a team of 29 people and growing.”

Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Tumaini University, Dar-Es-Salaam College. She is committed to helping women and girls break the barriers that menstruation creates in their lives by providing affordable sanitary care for girls in need, and jobs for local women in Tanzania.

Jennifer is professionally a Diplomat and Lawyer, she’s a firm believer in education, innovation and hard work. She plans on extending her company’s brands to other African countries.


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