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Johanna Mukoki: “I Am Proud Of Starting Something From Nothing And To Be Able To Leave A Legacy.”

Johanna Mukoki is an accountant and B.Comm graduate from Rhodes University. She is the co-founder of Travel with Flair, a company she started 18 years ago with her two partners.

Transitioning from a background in Pageantry, Johanna moved to launch Travel With Flair with two partners 18 years ago. Today, the company employs 800 staff countrywide and they have offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town.

Not only has Johanna been able to successfully grow her business, but she is also the first person from the African continent to sit on the Global Tourism Board (ACTE) – Association of Corporate Travel Executives where she represented the Middle East and Africa.

In an interview with Huffington Post, she shared her biggest challenge as a female entrepreneur;

“My pageantry background (Johanna was a former winner of Beauty Pageants). I always have to make sure I am not being judged because of how I look. Gender also came into it.

My male counterparts in the business world always felt I couldn’t achieve as much as them and that I would be limited. My father raised me to believe that “if I could think it, I could do it.” I am a capable woman with strong competencies. Everything good that happened, did so because I stood firm.”


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