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Judith Owigar, The co-founder of Akirachix

Judith Owigar is the co-founder and Operations Director of Akirachix, AkiraChix is a non-profit whose vision is to nurture generations of women who use technology to develop innovations and solutions for Africa. AkiraChix gives women technology and entrepreneurial skills, empowering them technologically and financially, enabling them to serve and lead their communities. Through Akirachix, she is increasing the number of women who create technological solutions and, in effect, positively impacting on the perception of women in technology.

Judith is a 2014 International Focus Fellow and recipient of the Anita Borg Change Agent Award 2011 for Women and Technology. She lives in Nairobi, Kenya and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in applied computing at the University of Nairobi.

She started Akirachix with a group of friends in order to create a space for women in technology to experiment, fail and excel. Overtime we felt that we needed to share the skills we were learning with the wider community. We decided to first focus on women from low-income areas in Nairobi who do not have access to the opportunities we had. Thus we started our training program.

Akirachix is led by a team of four co-founders. We all have a background in the development of applications and websites. In fact, three of us worked as developers in the same web development firm. That is where the seeds of starting Akirachix were planted. The four co-founders: Judith Owigar, Linda Kamau, Marie Githinji and Angela Oduor.

Her future plan is to influence the technology industry in Africa by increasing the number of women creating impact using technology.


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