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Kate Middleton Has A ‘Princess Diana’ Nickname

When she first started doing official royal engagements, it was obvious that Kate Middleton had a case of new royal jitters. Over the years, though, the Duchess of Cambridge has really come into her own — and people are taking notice. Not long after one of Kate’s most recent engagements promoting her 5 Big Questions survey, fans bestowed a new nickname unto Kate. And it’s pretty similar to one Princess Diana had.

    • Kensington Royal recently posted a number of photos of William and Kate’s trip to South Wales. Whilst there, the duchess chatted with local parents and caregivers at an ice cream shop about her new initiative, 5 Big Questions, which aims to get a discussion started about the importance of the early childhood years for people’s well-being.

      Not surprising in the least, the duchess’s interactions with everyone were incredibly heartfelt, natural, and thorough.

      This got royal fans in a tizzy.

  • The comments started rolling in about how Kate is incredible with people — and a new nickname was born.

    “Children’s Princess! Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge and our future Queen!” one person wrote about Kate on Instagram.

    Another said: “Duchess Catherine truly is a Children’s Princess. Well done everyone who’s involved in this great project!!”

    A third person wrote: “Beautiful princess Kate, excellent job, wonderful Duchess and Children’s Princess.”

  • As any royal fan knows, Kate’s new nickname is similar to Diana’s, which was the “People’s Princess.”

    The reason for Kate and Diana’s nicknames being similar — they both have an uncanny ability to connect with “real” people outside the royal family.

    Although Kate is always easy and natural with everyone she’s meeting, it’s apparent that she has a particularly special bond with children — hence, the Children’s Princess.

  • The name may be a new one for Kate, but the bond she shares with kids has been apparent to people for a while.

    When the duchess visited Evelina London Children’s Hospital a few weeks ago, the photos of her interactions with kids were striking.

    “I love seeing her with children,” one fan wrote. “She relates well with people of all ages but with children, she has a different type of glow. She clearly loves them.”

    Many others simply commented “the Children’s Princess,” alongside a series of cute emojis.

  • Whether she’s visiting a hospital, a garden, or an ice cream parlor, Kate’s knack with kids is hard to miss.

    Even though she’s certainly come into her own in the past few years as a senior member of the royal family, she seems to come most alive — and seem most like herself — when she’s with little ones.

    How lucky George, Charlotte, and Louis are to have the Children’s Princess as their mom.


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