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Katlego Danke On How She Struggled To Love Herself

Former Generations actress Katlego Danke recently shared how she used to struggle to look at herself in the mirror and how she moved into a home with no mirrors to avoid her own image.

The 38-year-old Lotto presenter shared a series of selfies in a lengthy post in which she details her struggle with self-love,

“Today I’m reminded to love myself. I #flashback to a time I didn’t even want to see or take a single photograph of myself. I have a gap in my childhood of no pictures because I didn’t like seeing my image,” read the caption.

The All About Love actress also reflected on how she didn’t want to look at her own image during that dark period of her life,

“#flashback to moving into a house without a single mirror in it because I didn’t want to see my own image even when getting dressed in the morning. Thank God for giving me the career I have because through it I’ve had to learn to embrace myself. And really scrutinize myself” she continued.

“And eventually love all of what I come with- good and bad. And today I’m a firm believer in traveling the journey to ultimate fulfillment in life through self-love. Happy Self-Love Journey everyone.”


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