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Kim Kardashian Slams Kylie Jenner’s Makeup as ‘Cheap’ After Tutorial Fail

Kim Kardashian took a swipe at sister Kylie Jenner’s makeup line after they had a tutorial fail on YouTube.

The 39-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took aim at billionaire makeup mogul Kylie’s self-titled range, branding one malfunctioning product as “cheap s***.”

After years of trying to find the moment to do the tutorial for their fans, it didn’t quite go to plan when Kim offered up her face as a blank canvas for 22-year-old Kylie to do her worst with.

Dressed in a figure hugging skin tight ensemble, Kylie quickly pulled out the fact that she is not a professional artist.

As someone who owns a cosmetic company and is fully adept at applying sophisticated makeup to herself, this didn’t seem that bigger a test for Kylie to pull off.

That was until her own makeup brand started getting in her way.

Kim, who was directing operations from her chair, was quick to hit out at Kylie’s makeup after one of her bottles failed to work.

Going to work on the mother-of-four, Kylie said: “I love a bright inner corner, so I like to spray …”

Kylie added that “this is a new ones,” before trying to use it only to find that the setting spray failed to work.

Getting frustrated with the product while clicking the nozzle with aggression, Kylie exclaimed: “Why the f*** is this not working?”

Kim and Kylie.

Kim was not happy with having to wait for the process to continue and jokingly slammed the product as “cheap s***”.

All the while, Kylie battled in vain to get her product out of the bottle.

In frustration, Kylie then said again “What the f***,” as she eventually showed that the bottle was working correctly after numerous failed attempts.

The YouTube video fails didn’t end there though as while applying eye makeup, Kylie accidentally removed one of Kim’s fake eyelashes.

The pair joked that they should make a wish on it but Kylie gave the eyelash to one of her assistants and the chance for a dream to come true had been shattered.

It would have been some wish as well as Kim was looking to take her lead back in the family’s social media ‘race’.

Kylie had overtaken her in followers in recent weeks and the reality star wanted to readjust the situation.

Kim said: “I just wished I would beat you in Instagram again. Now my wish won’t come true.”


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