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Lizzo Talks Diversity: ‘I Am Brown, I Am Black, I Am Curvy, And I Am Perfect’

Grammy award-winner, Lizzo says lack of diversity at the Grammy Awards is not an isolated incident, and she hopes to use her platform to create change. She also discusses loving the skin she’s in.

Talking to AP News in an interview, she says, “There’s always a lack of diversity, that’s the issue in general. I don’t think it’s that the 2020 Grammys lack diversity. The industry lacks diversity, so the world I’d like to see, of course, it has an even playing field. There are more women, more black people, more brown people, more people from other countries that aren’t put in a foreign category.”

Therapy gave Lizzo the courage to be vulnerable as a vocalist

Lizzo has credited regular therapy sessions for giving her the “courage to be vulnerable as a vocalist”.

“I think that comes with participation and using my privilege now as someone who’s in the industry with a platform, to bring people up and allow them to use your microphone to tell their story. I think that even the blonde thin popstars had imperfection but unfortunately, the media portrayed them as perfect. I think even those women struggled with having to live up to a body type and stereotype and probably suffered from a lot of depression,” she adds.

“I am brown, I am black, I am curvy, and I am perfect and I’m beautiful. We, as well as other people like Billy Eilish, I’m completely different from her but she’s also rebelling against the archetype of a pop-star. It sounds so cliché, but life is your greatest teacher, and you learn the best lessons from life. I learned a lot in the last 10 years about myself and who I am. I’ve also learned to love that person,” she concludes.


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