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Meet Abimbola Olu-Sholanke, The Founder of iMaragolde Fashion and Lifestyle Ltd

Abimbola Olu-Sholanke is a certified Human Nutritionist and Dietitian. She’s also a trained personal stylist and fashion designer in Nigeria.

All these ventures just didn’t happen based on impulse. It’s a fallout of interactions with her mentors and by participating in several coaching (self discovery and development) programs. These enabled her to give herself the permission to give expressions to her multiple passions and skills. That’s one of the reasons why she runs these businesses so you can call her a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Abimbola Olu-Sholanke, CEO of iMaragolde fashion and Lifestyle Ltd

Abimbola is the founder and CEO of iMaragolde fashion and Lifestyle Ltd.

In an Exclusive interview with WomenAfrica, she talks about the
vision, mission and how she started all these businesses.

Our scope covers garment production, fashion training, personal styling for busy mums, fashion concierge and a world class health and wellness coaching practice, she said.

Obviously, she’s able to run these businesses with the help of the iMaragolde team and an amazing family support.

The fashion arm was registered as a limited liability in 2018, and she produces beautiful and unique designs (both ready to wear and bespoke) for professional and business women and their kids.

Abimbola Olu-Sholanke, CEO of iMaragolde fashion and Lifestyle Ltd

She also stated that the designs are mostly Afro-centric to make their clients project powerful and confident looks in their different spheres of influence.

Currently, our clientele spans about 6 different nationalities, and we also serve customers in the diaspora, she said.

The health and wellness aspect of our business officially started in October 2018 and we’ve helped about 1000 women to get their health and vitality back using diet and lifestyle change. It’s a paradigm shift from accidental to intentional healthy living. There are testimonials of hormone reset, hypertension cure, flatter tummy, cured insomnia, sugar addictions, low blood sugar, obesity and so on. All were cured through professional diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Abimbola Olu-Sholanke, CEO of iMaragolde fashion and Lifestyle Ltd

On the other hand, our fashion concierge and training businesses are based on needs.

While the personal styling arm is operated in conjunction with our business partner.

Our mission is to help African women and their children boost their health, productivity, confidence and happiness.

One of Abimbola’s clients

We all deserve to be happier and healthier people in life. This can happen through positive and sustainable lifestyle and diet modifications.

You can follow her on Instagram @imaragoldelifestyle

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