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Meet Emmanuella Mayaki, the 10-year-old Nigerian Girl Hired to Teach at a School in the UK

Emmanuella Mayaki is not a child like any other. It’s a computer genius.

While most children her age are in school, Emmanuella Mayaki, who is only 10 years old, already earns her living as a teacher in a school in England.

She was recently hired to teach computer courses at Southfields Elementary School in Coventry, England.

Mayaki, born January 7, 2009, entered the world of ICT at the age of seven. In 2016, she graduated with a Computer Publishing, Advanced Excel, Adobe Page Maker, Advanced Power Point and CorelDraw.

In 2018, she enrolled to study web development and graphic design at NIIT and also signed up for the development of mobile applications at Tech24. She then developed her mobile app and designed her own website, known as Emma’s ICT Academy.

She is an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Graphic Design, Java and Python.

At Southfields Elementary School in Coventry, England, Mayaki teaches other kids her age in a club code.

She hopes to learn more programming languages ​​like Prolong and Lisp. His ambition is very great.

“I want to become a machine learning engineer because I have programming experience and because my job is to program machines to perform specific tasks. My knowledge of modern software like Eclipse, which I use to program Java applications, is also one of the reasons why I want to become a machine learning engineer. “

Emmanuella Mayaki says she has agreed to teach children her age because she believes technology is the future. “In the club code, I teach HTML and CSS, as well as graphics because if you build a website, you need some graphics to add to the page. “

“Today, my app is already on Google play store. Through this application, I transmit my knowledge in coding and graphics. I remember when I was seven, I set myself the goal of becoming a professional web designer and analyst at the age of nine, and I reached her, “ she said. in Vanguard.

Mayaki wants the Nigerian government to put in place an infrastructure that would allow the country’s children to acquire computer skills and be able to code.


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