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Meet Joycee Awojoodu, An African Luxury Personnel Grooming Brand Fusing The Continent’s Beloved Botanicals With Scientific Research

As the fast developing world of personal grooming and skincare grows in Africa, so too does the desire to find products that harness the unique natural ingredients from the continent for their inspiration. One luxury brand, ORÍKÌ, is not only creating a range of products that truly celebrate Africa’s natural resources, but it also positively touches the lives of those who harvest those raw materials.

ORÍKÌ is a leading luxury personal grooming brand that fuses natural ingredients and scientific research to create extraordinary personal care products. We create effective and luxurious beauty and grooming products utilizing raw materials and all natural resources discovered around the world. The range of 32 products is for the ORÍKÌ woman and man covers the full spectrum of serums, moisturizers, body wash, moisturizers, exfoliates, toners, treatments, masks and more. Botanically based, we use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.

I am passionate about creating an African indigenous luxury brand that touches the lives of the women and men who gather the nuts, plants and herbs to produce the raw materials. The company is committed to sourcing the best quality and finest selection of products. At ORÍKÌ, we aspire to make a difference. Our success is the success of every individual that touches the product across the value chain, and this keeps us motivated. Income from fairly traded raw materials and production of all natural products can provide a better life for families. We are inspired by the life transforming potential of creating an indigenous quality, proudly African beauty brand.

At the heart of the ORÍKÌ brand, is utilizing all-natural ingredients that are botanically based and largely sourced from the Continent of Africa. Our products are free of unnecessary additives, parabens and sulfates and we are inspired by the fact that when you purchase the various ORÍKÌ products, you empower people across the value chain.

I have been passionate about entrepreneurship from a young age. My experience as a serial entrepreneur has been a great one. I am exhilarated by the opportunity to create and develop ideas. A few of the companies I started are still going strong today and I have learned that it is important to be passionate about your business in order to sustain it. Passion is only one component, it is also essential to have a great team, do ample research, and have a sound plan for building the business.


ORÍKÌ is poised to go global as a proudly African all-natural personal grooming & lifestyle brand. Beyond our international and global aspirations, at ORÍKÌ we aspire to make a difference. Our success is the success of every individual that touches the product across the value chain, and this keeps us motivated. We are intent on producing the best quality products with natural, botanically based ingredients sourced predominantly in Africa and reaching many corners of the globe. Our products are intended to be utilized by connoisseurs worldwide, and on supporting and enriching the lives of farmers who keep our culture alive through programmes such as ‘From Plant to Profit,’ our commitment to promote Sustainable Agriculture and empower farmers as a means of job creation, poverty reduction and economic development.


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