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Meet Lena Marshall, The Entrepreneur Opening The Doors of International Trade For African Products

Lena Marshall who is a seasoned entrepreneur is opening the doors of international trade to local African producers.

Her company works with local farmers in Liberia, and recently partnered with a producer of smoked fish in Nigeria.

Lena opened access for more producers in Africa like farmers, craftspeople, and manufacturers to foreign markets, so they could get fairer prices for their products.

“If we could add more value to our raw materials, rather than just export them as they are, Africa’s local producers of cocoa, coffee, rubber and leather would not be the poorest players in the value chain.” She said.

Lena shares her experience and challenges with exporting locally-made products in Africa, and her plans to expand the continent’s footprint in international trade.

In her word she said “Because my focus is mainly on the African continent, finding suppliers with products which are up to an international standard can be an issue. Products have to be of EU standard or should have FDA approval.”

“Achieving these standards cannot be done by individual companies. This is where our government comes in and it is my hope that our governments work towards gaining these approvals.”

“We urgently need to grow or local economy within Africa which in turn will provide employment for all.”


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