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Meet Sandra Mwiihangele the Founder of Kiyomisandz Beauty Products

Sandra Mwiihangele the founder of Kiyomisandz Beauty Products in year 2012 who hails from Nambia, In 2012, while she was busy with her studies in Analytical Chemistry, she began working at a cosmetic manufacturing laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa where she gained analytical experience and knowledge in the art of cosmetic formulations along with research & product development. At 11, she won the Namibian Expo of Young Scientists competition. She had developed a top-quality matte lipstick. Two years later (2015), she returned to Namibia to start up an advanced cosmetic company because of her passion in cosmetic science and her ability to skilfully formulate skincare and beauty products. she acquired the tools needed to launch an advanced cosmetic company with a difference. Today her cosmetic and toiletry company – which she says was a life-long dream – has earned the 2015 National Commission on Research, Science & Technology innovation grant and the 2016 Development Bank of Namibia innovation award.


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