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Meet The Founder Of Flying Doctors Nigeria, Dr Ola Orekunrin Brown

Dr. Ola Orekunrin is a British medical doctor and, helicopter pilot and the healthcare entrepreneur founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria, West Africa’s first Air Ambulance Service. She’s dedicated to bringing trauma care to the most remote parts of Western Africa and her company, an air ambulance service based in Lagos, is doing just that.

After graduation, Olamide worked for ten years with the National Health Service, United Kingdom. She was motivated to start the company after her younger sister tragically died whilst traveling in Nigeria as a consequence of their being no medical air service available to transport her to hospital.

In february 2018 she received “Extraordinary Business Achievement Award” at the Silverbird Group’s annual award held in Lagos she became the youngest person ever to win the prestigious award at age 30 and the only woman in the last decade.

Orekunrin has lectured on entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ola graduated as a medical doctor from the University Of York in the UK and is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.  After graduation, Olamide worked for ten years with the National Health Service, United Kingdom. In Nigeria where she is considered a national expert of disaster medicine and pre-hospital care.

Her company has been featured on various local TV and radio stations as well as the BBC and CNN. She has received several awards and recognition. In 2012 she received This-Day Awards (Contribution to Health in Africa) 2012, The Future Award as ‘Entrepreneur of the year 2012’,and in 2013 News-Direct Awards as ‘Outstanding Female CEO of the Year 2013’.

She is also a TED fellow and has been honoured by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a Young Global Leader.


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