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Meet The Ghanaian Who Brought HR Corporate America To Ghana, Rita Kusi

Ghana is one of the world’s quickest developing economies this year, as per the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the IMF. Its anticipated development in 2018 is between 8.3-8.9%.

The Ghanaian workforce is youthful, with 57% of the populace younger than 25. This implies a large number of new alumni enter the workforce every year. One lady who comprehends the battle that anticipates this clueless gathering in corporate Ghana is Human Resources (HR) business visionary, Rita Kusi.

Kusi is the organizer and CEO of Keeping “U” Simply Intact (KUSI) Consulting, an advertising, preparing and enlisting organization situated in the United States (US) and in Ghana. She is likewise the Managing Director of threesixtyGh, a social endeavor organization with an online nearness exhibiting imaginative endeavors in Ghana and the general population behind them.

Conceived in Bolga, Northern Ghana, Kusi’s family accessed the US through the US Visa Lottery in the mid 80s. The family moved to the US in 1991 where Kusi stayed until 2013. What’s more, that is likewise where she amassed an abundance of experience working in a few parts.

After school, Kusi worked various brief employments, from telemarketing in Atlanta to way to-entryway deals in Maryland. She even attempted her hands at client administrations and working in bistros.

“I think for me having held every one of these occupations opened my eyes and I understood particularly what I needed to do in corporate America,” says Kusi.

Every one of these encounters met up when she connected for another job as HR partner. When she didn’t hear once again from the organization in regards to her application, Kusi stepped up and called the enlisting administrator.

“So my father instructed me to call and get input and as I called my CV happened to be before the contracting administrator and he welcomed me in for the meeting. I didn’t know anything about HR however I was simply extremely searching for a vocation and I wound up landing that position and it was the longest I at any point remained at any chosen form of employment so that was a sign,” says Kusi.

She had at last discovered her bringing in HR however it was not until the point that a nostalgic visit back home that she would combine all her US encounter together, introducing another life as a business visionary.

There were no genuine preparing programs at the time concentrated on enhancing the nature of client benefit in Ghana. Kusi grabbed the chance to give quality HR preparing programs, which she sought associations would pay after. Furthermore, they did. This was the introduction of Kusi Consulting.

From preparing administrations, the organization has transformed its contributions into enlistment administrations and Kusi is presently differentiating into aptitudes preparing and additionally business process redistributing, where the organization handles the compensation move work for other corporate customers. Her planning couldn’t be progressively impeccable. Enlisting the perfect individuals is basic for organizations to diminish representative whittling down and upgrade comes back from HR. Organizations confront difficulties in precisely seeing and evaluating a representative’s quality credits before procuring that worker. This issue is progressively articulated in African economies, which includes fledglings who don’t have earlier work records bearing witness to their crude aptitudes, learning capacities and inspiration. Also, this is the place Kusi comes in.

She trusts a pro HR work is basic in each association to guarantee most extreme yield by every worker. Nonetheless, she has had some trouble persuading corporate Ghana.

“It has been testing working here particularly being a female since it is actually a man’s reality and in this nation, it’s about who you know… There is that test of how would I make myself look more established and increasingly regarded?” she says.

In any case, ever flexible, Kusi declines to withdraw. She plans to make her very own employment organization where she has talented staff inhouse which she can re-appropriate on interest to different organizations. Her recently framed group is similarly as enthusiastic about the business and with that center, she is rebranding her organization to be an innovator in HR in Ghana as well as crosswise over Africa.


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