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Meet Zenab Issa Oki Soumaïne, the First Woman Commander in Chad

Issa Oki Soumaïne is now an example for women in Chad. She is the first woman commander on board Chad. She made a name for herself in May 2017 when she officially graduated.

Zenab Issa Oki Soumaine is a real pride for his country. It was formed by Ethiopian Airlines. A company that says it is proud to have trained a shining and brilliant Chadian woman during all the course of its formation.

This is the first time in our country’s history that a woman has ventured into the highly contested field of pilot-in-command aircraft. A daring feminine that pleases Chadians.  

Courage, determination and recklessness are the qualities recognized by the young Pilot Commander. Born on August 30, 1986 in N’Djamena, the young woman earned her bachelor’s degree in 2003 and started a first year of finance accounting at the Higher Institute of Management (ISG) of Sabangali in 2005, before embarking in aviation.

Driven by true determination, she earned several degrees: an airline pilot license in Miami, USA, a 900XPI hawker captain’s parchment, and a commercial pilot license in Ethiopia.

She completed her flight training course with Ethiopian Airlines, which has now enabled her to become the first woman commander in Chad. She later worked at Air Burkina before joining Chad’s presidential fleet.


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