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Meghan Markle Gave A Subtle Nod To Princess Diana During Her Recent Trip To London

For her last few engagements as an official royal, Meghan Markle knocked it out of the park, style-wise. Even though, yeah, the Duchess of Sussex always nails it with her fashion choices, her past week in London was on another level.

Thanks to a few eagle-eyed, die-hard royal fans, it seems Meghan honored Princess Diana with some of her dress choices.

An Instagram account dedicated to Princess Diana posted about some of Meghan’s similarities to Lady Di during the duchess’s recent trip to London.

The Instagram Account, Princess Diana Iconic, noticed that the green dress Meghan wore to this year’s Commonwealth Day service was very similar to a green dress Princess Diana wore during pregnancy.

Although the styles of the dresses are different, the shades of green and the fascinators are almost identical.

  • The account also added side-by-side photos of Meghan and Diana in red.

    The stunning red dress was worn by Meghan to the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music at Royal Albert Hall — and people went crazy for it, understandably.

    Even though the red dress Princess Diana is seen wearing in the photos is quite different in style, again, the shade is the same and both women are rocking small red clutches.

    Nevertheless, we enjoy the comparisons.

  • Not everyone following the Princess Diana account appreciated the comparisons, though.

    In fact, many Diana fans — who are often die-hard — were offended by the similarities drawn between Meghan and Prince Harry and Prince William’s mother.

    Here’s a sampling of some of the comments:

    “Please never compare Princess Diana, to anyone she will always be in a class of her own.”

    “Meghan isn’t even close to Princess Diana.”

    “Noooooo we don’t compare Lady Diana to Meghan, it would be like comparing gold to iron.”

    “She is no Diana.”

  • And it isn’t just Meghan being compared to Diana that irks followers. They don’t appreciate the Kate comparisons either.

    When the account shared a similar look that Kate Middleton and Diana wore, fans were none too pleased. Here’s what they had to say:

    “No comparison!”

    “Princess Diana totally outshines Kate! No comparison ever.”

    “No one like Diana.”

    “Always Princess Diana.”

    So, hopefully, Meghan won’t be offended if she gets wind of this — which, let’s be honest, she probably won’t.

  • If you ask us, BOTH women have similarities to Princess Diana.

    On numerous occasions, both Meghan and Kate’s style choices somewhat hearken back to Diana, but overall, it’s their class, elegance, and the way they connect with people that rings of Princess Diana.

    We’re sure they’ll take that over similar fashion choices any day.


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